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Portuguese cooking at home: Chouriço-crusted scallops and rice with seafood


Dana Moos holds a plate of grilled octopus (we’ll show you how to make it in a future post!)

Ted’s latest cookbook assignment is with Portuguese chef Ana Patuliea Ortins of in Peabody, Mass. This seems especially serendipitous, given his longtime interest and involvement in the Portuguese community in Newark, NJ., just a few miles from our previous home. Called the Ironbound district, so-named because of the forges and foundries that once surrounded it — and the railroads that still do — it is a proud, multicultural, urban neighborhood home to one of the largest Portuguese communities in the U.S.

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Miso noodle soup with Sriracha-roasted tofu and soft-boiled eggs


In a (not always successful) effort to eat more healthfully this winter, we’ve become regular consumers of Asian-style noodle soups. Ted has taken the lead on developing a basic recipe, tinkering with the level of spice, type of noodles — soba or udon — and mix of vegetables. The other night, he finally got everything just right. It may not be fully authentic, but we still feel good about sharing it with you.

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Friday Happy Hour: Remember the Maine from Bistro 233 in Yarmouth

Remember the Maine photographed at Bistro 233

Remember the Maine photographed at Bistro 233

What, you were expecting something pink and fizzy?

Valentine’s Day isn’t really our thing (although we did have fun last year with this post on Julia Child’s Souffle au Chocolat), but as far as we’re concerned a classic cocktail and romance go hand-in-hand.

The Remember the Maine seems especially appropriate given our nation’s renewed romance with Cuba. Introduced by Charles H. Baker in his book, “The Gentleman’s Companion Volume II,” the cocktail’s name references the mysterious explosion of the U.S. Maine in Havana harbor in 1898. According to PUNCH, “warmongering journalists used the phrase “Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain” as a rallying cry that would jumpstart the Spanish-American war, leading to Cuban independence.”

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Loving winter in Kennebunkport, Maine


In summer, Kennebunkport is what many people from other parts of the country picture when they think “Maine.” The quaint village of white clapboard houses and oceanfront estates, with a gaggle of restaurants, gift shops, galleries and boutique hotels snuggled up against a tidal river is perfectly picturesque — and in July and August, has the throngs of visitors to prove it.

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