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Friday Happy Hour: The Icicle


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Thanks to weather that shifts from just above freezing to a few degrees below, our Maine farmhouse is draped in a spectacular garland of icicles. Some are as thick as my arm, extending almost to the ground — these illustrate in dramatic form why so many Maine homes don’t have gutters (the ice would dam up and cause roof leaks).

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An authentic Indian feast in Maine

Indian Feast, Cherie Scott

Before dinner, we snacked on a variety of Indian street foods, including grilled chicken on skewers.

At home in Boothbay Maine she shares with her husband Guy and their 7-year-old daughter Sophia, Cherie Scott is a long, long way from her native Mumbai, India. But it doesn’t seem so in her kitchen.


Cherie holds a glass of prosecco; pistachios; lighting in the Scott kitchen.

street food

Skewered grilled chicken; chickpea pancakes with potato, lamb, cilantro chutney and raita; a bite of lamb

That kitchen — built with Guy’s impressive cabinetmaker skills and decked out with professional-grade appliances — is where Cherie preserves the food and drink traditions of her childhood: spending days turning a whole leg of lamb and layers of spices into a deeply flavorful biryani, or hours stirring milk, saffron and cardamom into custard to make kulfi — Indian ice cream.

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Friday Happy Hour: Zapoteca’s Mescalita de Pina

Mescalita de Pina photographed at Zapoteca in Portland, Maine

Mescalita de Pina photographed at Zapoteca in Portland, Maine

It’s the time of year when I can easily fritter away a couple of hours perusing travel sites, searching for deals on trips to places with warm turquoise water and swaying palm trees. In all likelihood however, a Caribbean getaway is destined to remain a fantasy — we save our vacation for the glorious summer here in Maine.

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Friday Happy Hour: The Skinny Russian

Deveraux Cocktail

Like many of you, I’m starting this new year determined to exercise more and eat healthier — in the interest of feeling better and, to be honest, looking reasonably good in a bathing suit by the time it’s warm enough to wear one again.

I’m fully aware that if I completely eliminated all sweets and alcohol from my life, the weight would practically fall off. But I also know it would be far easier for me to swear off the occasional Holy Donut or treat from Standard Baking than to give up beer, wine and cocktails.

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Camping in delicious style at Maine Huts & Trails’ Harvest at the Huts

I have never been much of a camper. The school I attended from 6th through 9th grades had a robust wilderness-education program that included an Outward Bound-style solo overnight, but other than that, my only experience with sleeping bags was at Girl Scout camp. Ted, on the other hand, has done lots of camping — especially when he lived in Colorado, roaming around the Rocky Mountains with his dog, cooking on a single burner backpacking stove and sleeping under the stars.

Both of us want to make camping part of our life in Maine. So when the opportunity came up to stay at Maine Huts & Trails‘ Stratton Brook Hut this fall, we thought it would be a good way to dip my neophyte camping toes in the water.

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