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Bed & breakfast Rhubarb Muffins

In another lifetime, I longed to own a bed and breakfast in Maine. I even entered an essay contest to win one — Center Lovell Inn, in Maine’s Western mountains — the first time it was offered. After a similar contest this year, the woman who won back in 1993 will soon be turning the inn over to its new owners. But I’m older and wiser now, so no, I didn’t enter this time.

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One Dock Prime: A steakhouse comes to Kennebunkport

June in Maine can be a tease. One day you’re kicking off your flip-flops on the beach, the next you’re pulling on a fleece and thinking about firing up the wood stove to take the chill off the house.

We visited One Dock Prime on the latter kind of June evening, when the chilly drizzle served as a reminder that summer wasn’t yet official. Thrilled to be seated next to the gas fireplace, I looked out to the deck, with its classic white wooden furniture, and bright red geraniums in blue and white pots. Soon enough, it would be the preferred place to dine, but for now I was happy to settle into a cozy upholstered chair and order a French 75 — a favorite cocktail not often found on drink menus these days.

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Friday Happy Hour: Bully Boy Ginger Smash


Lately, I can’t seem to get enough of the hot/sweet taste of fresh ginger. I’ve poached rhubarb with it; grated it into a chutney I made to go with Ted’s barbecued beef brisket and just last night, Ted put slivers of ginger in the Thai-style mussels he cooked for dinner.

Ginger is wonderful cocktail ingredient — it goes especially well with rum, as in the classic Dark and Stormy, made with Gosling’s dark rum and ginger beer. In the little recipe book that came with a bottle of Bully Boy Boston Rum, the Ginger Smash naturally caught my eye.

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Friday Happy Hour: Monday Mixology at Tides Beach Club in Kennebunkport, Maine

KRC 5-25_80

Tides Beach Club Bar Manager Ben Lohnes and participants in the Monday Mixology class.

People whose vision of Maine is pine forests, craggy coastline and weathered lobstermen wearing orange Grundens aren’t wrong, but they’re missing a more sun-and-sand-focused swath of this wonderful — and varied — state.

Those “people” until recently included us, before we discovered the wide, white sandy beaches of Southern Maine and the lovely, but still laid-back restaurants and hotels owned by the Kennebunkport Resort Collection (KRC).

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Expanding our Maine seafood horizons at Gurnet Trading Co. in Brunswick

Gurnet Store_3When it comes to going out for Maine seafood, we’re creatures of habit, consuming most of our lobster rolls and fried clams at various places on the Boothbay peninsula, our longtime summer destination.

If you’ve been to Maine, you know that most of our coastline is carved up by peninsulas; to reach the pretty harbors (and seafood shacks) for which our state is so famous usually requires following a long, winding road from Route 1. Before we lived here full-time, we saw no reason to meander much beyond our well-traveled path to the Boothbay region. Now, the promise of fresh scenery and good fried clams inspires us to explore.

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